Security Camera to Vinyl Siding

How to Mount Security Camera to Vinyl Siding

Security cameras are great. Today, they come at great prices, and you may mount them on any exterior covering and vinyl siding is one of them. You need to use a mounting bracket and screws, but also a sturdy place, with no unobstructed viewpoint. You have to mark and predrill the holes through the siding, though and only afterwards install the brackets.

Begin by choosing the best mounting location for the camera. Choose an area with no trees and with a clear view. Decide for a location that has only ladder access so that no one tampers with it.

Use the ladder and climb until you get to the vinyl siding near your roof. Place the mounting bracket up to the vinyl siding and mark the screw holes. You also need to mark the holes for the wires if you go for a wired camera and not a wireless one.

You have to check the underlying wall structure and measure the depth of the vinyl siding with a tape so that you know which type of drill bit you need. Use a ¼-inch diameter drill bit that has a similar deep plus 1 inch.

As you squeeze the drill trigger, drill through the siding until you feel it slide forward. Drill until the piece of tape is flush with the surface of the siding.

Continue by drilling the remaining marks the same way.

Hold the camera up to the vinyl siding so that the screw holes are in line with those in the wall. Insert each screw through the hole and tight them safely with the drill.

If you install a wired camera, push the wires through the holes you drilled. You complete the job by doing the same with the remaining installation.