Mounting Security Cameras

How to Mount Security Cameras under Eave or Soffit

Getting a video surveillance system for your home may sound like a great idea, but some people may find it a bit more challenging to mount security cameras outside under eave or soffit. However, truth be told, there are plenty of options and solutions out there. You only need to pay attention to the details, tough.

For instance, some have difficulties to find the right studs/roof framing to mount to. After all, removing the soffits to identify the mounting location isn’t that easy anyways.

When you use an outdoor mount, you do need to invert the camera (you may want to toggle flip view in settings so it appears the right way).

The easiest way it has to see if you may temp mount (we all love duct tape for a very good reason). The location is essential so make sure the view is the best. If you mount it to high, you end up with seeing only heads. You should always find a place that is high enough and can’t be easily reached, but still gives you a good view.

Another way is to use magnetic mount, which is not very easy to mount, but also so easy to remove when you need to charge it.

If the eave or soffit have wood under the siding, it’s important to use screws that have the right length for the job. In most cases, though, some 2-inch screws are gonna be just fine for this kind of mounting.